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  • 1000k+ refugees from the East of Ukraine
  • 500k+ unemployed in Ukraine
  • 300k+ families suffered due to the events on the East of Ukraine
  • 10% out of each purchase is donated to help these people

UNIKRAINE and Caritas Ukraine: the essence of a conscious choice

UNIKRAINE and Caritas Ukraine: the essence of a conscious choice

Compassion is the Highest Form of Human Existence.

F.M. Dostoyevsky

One of UNIKRAINE’s main principles is the focus on conscious choice. Every day, each of us makes thousands such choices: from the selection of our favourite coffee, to the route we take home. What are we guided by, when we make such decisions: chance, habit, mood, the influence of the people around us? Each choice we make is actually our life, which is a tiny part of a mosaic on the walls of the common temple of mankind as a whole. But do we remember our decisions and do we live our lives sensibly?



UNIKRAINE – is the desire to give everyone efficient access and the simplest possible capability to make conscious choices: for decisions that we remember, which will set the tempo of our world and will be part of our own world-view; to create a life, which will make sense and will also bring benefit to others; where the walls of the common temple will be decorated with wonderful designs, not covered with old frames. Everyone has to be aware of their part in other people’s lives. It’s the only way to change the future.



This is why 10% of every purchase on our site will be donated to International Charitable Foundation Caritas Ukraine and will be used to help refugees and people who suffered in the Donbas war zone. And the fashion presented on our site by Ukrainian designers will become a new instrument, which will serve as a connecting link between the wish to be beautiful and the desire to help.

At present, charity is quite a convenient tool for manipulation and self-promotion by companies with ulterior motives, but its cultural component, the denominator of its ethnicity and the ability to display morality through charity is somehow bypassed. We hope to encourage people to make moral choices, come to well thought out conclusions and develop a culture of compassion, not as a sign of hopelessness, but as a symbol of consciousness. This is why we feel that the best partner for the implementation of our charitable initiatives is the Caritas Ukraine Foundation. 


Caritas joins together a European approach in the implementation of charity projects with the traditional foundation of Christian values that are close to the heart and understood by the typical Ukrainian. The structure of ethnic orders and standards, which are extremely important during these complex and painful times in Ukraine, best allow the development of a new model of mutual support in people’s awareness. It teaches us to act sensibly and help constructively. The success of such an approach is proved by the results that the foundation has demonstrated since the 1990’s to the present. They are truly impressive. A huge amount of initiatives, a consistent expansion in the categories of people under its care and beneficiaries, untiring active operations, which continuously changes people’s destinies and influence global processes. It is because of Caritas that tens of thousands of needy Ukrainians have received financial, social, psychological and legal aid.



165 national organisations are currently members of the Caritas family. Caritas employees annually help tens of millions of people in 200 countries. In Ukraine, there are almost 1,000 employees and volunteers.

You too can be part of doing good deeds which improve people’s lives each day, if you, like us, want to make a mark in the world: take part in its formation; make your contribution to the fate of a needy person.

This is the essence of a conscious choice. This is the choice of a person, not a consumer.

The translation of the Latin Сaritas is love and charity. UNIKRAINE – is uniqueness and unity - Ukraine. This is precisely why we have been joined by common values. Because we have a single desire and a single purpose: to bring our share of warmth and beauty to the world and to help those who need such aid.



Join us if you are ready to make the world a better place!