Beyond One for One

  • 1000k+ refugees from the East of Ukraine
  • 500k+ unemployed in Ukraine
  • 300k+ families suffered due to the events on the East of Ukraine
  • 10% out of each purchase is donated to help these people



A choice to be unique

UNIKRAINE is a project that teaches us to believe in our dreams - those dreams really can change someone's life.

We created an idea, to introduce fashion as an art. For real art does not only reflect our lives, but is an undeniable part of life, and it shapes and changes it daily. Therefore, Unikraine is merely a tool, a tool that possesses a capacity to influence the world at this very moment.

Here you have a chance to combine two different choices. The first is the choice to be beautiful, to open up through style and compliment your own individuality.  The second is the option to show some positive empathy towards others.  And, combined, it’s a chance to put your uniqueness to good use, to unite with those who care - and spread the beauty together. Because only in unity we can improve the world.

The ability to be useful

So we have created a community of talented Ukrainian designers - this allows us to create, share experiences, find inspiration and be the source of it all, simultaneously.  And, beyond anything else, such unity opens up new opportunities for fashion itself.  A chance to become more than just a seasonal trend, a chance to motivate all of us to acts of compassion - and to be, through the world of haute couture, something that’s socially useful.

Unikraine gives you a chance to combine these experiences.

Do you have the desire to do something positive and support those who need help right now?

- Your search is over.

Do you wish to help?

- Then be yourself, free yourself and express your own, unique, personality. Get away from the mass market and connect with some amazingly talented Ukrainian designers - and their unique handmade product. Dressing stylishly has never been so meaningful.

- Be beautiful, be unique, buy UNIKRAINE.

10% of sales will be donated to the charitable foundation helping refugees affected by the events in eastern Ukraine.

A desire to spread beauty

We believe that clothes can tell stories.  Fashion really can be a mediator between cultures, space and time. That is why our product blends different lives to create new cultures.

We have brought together designers with this concept in mind. They have already started working with refugees - tailors, cutters, embroiderers; all of them are people who had to abandon their homes and re-start their lives.  Now they will contribute to your clothing - through a handmade embroidery-pattern on the label or a professional seam on the sleeve. There is logic behind the old Ukranian saying, ‘the embroidery you make, shapes your fortune’.

UNIKRAINE is a chance for refugees to tell the world their own story, a story of dreams and aspirations, a story that might never have been told.  This is a chance to be involved with something that’s both stylish and important – and happening now. For dreams with beauty have no boundaries - and anyone can be their messenger.

With faith and inspiration, the team of UNIKRAINE


(Photo Vadim Paschenko)