Beyond One for One

  • 1000k+ refugees from the East of Ukraine
  • 500k+ unemployed in Ukraine
  • 300k+ families suffered due to the events on the East of Ukraine
  • 10% out of each purchase is donated to help these people

Warm of these hands create UNIKRAINE brand

Warm of these hands create UNIKRAINE brand

This talented woman was born in Kramatorsk. Back when it was just another industrial town somewhere in Donetsk region. Her parents were common people, and her childhood was no better nor worse than any other child had.

When Olena turned 14, her grandma tried to teach her embroidery. But back then she shown no interest to the craft. Clearly, such a patient job is not the way to entertain a teenager. Having fun with friends and occasional homework seemed more appropriate.



As years went by, Olena got into college, met her soulmate and got married. She gave birth to a child, and her life entered a constant circulation of household chores. But, one day, their little world was crushed. Olena’s husband received a serious injury that put him into a wheelchair.

It was a turning point for her, it forced her to travel back to her 14th year, and recall the craft of embroidery. It became her escape back to the times where were no explosions, no hospitals and no constant fear for the loved ones. Perhaps she hoped to use the thread to sew back together fragile pieces of her former life, of routine that we always complain about.



After all how can embroidery be interesting? On the surface – nothing. For embroidery is not an attraction. It’s a symbol. It represents continuity. It’s a connection. A bond between a grandmother and a granddaughter, for they both have seen the war. It’s a kind of allegory of life itself, when you take a plain piece of cloth and start embroidering something new. You turn the pattern into the image of Virgin Mary, little Ukrainian house, little kitten who will probably live there. Step by step, stich by stich a new world emerges. It takes your time and effort. Sometimes it goes wrong and you have to unpick it all and start over. But eventually you get what you wanted, exactly how you wanted it.



Last year all hell of war broke loose on Kramatorsk. Occupation, the struggle for liberation, death, fire, destruction. Now the town is almost back to normal life. Still sound of explosions is heard somewhere nearby.

For Olena embroidery is a way to forget the horrors of war for a while. It’s calming. It gives her a peace of mind, creates a feeling of peace at home, and in the world outside these walls. Even if it’s just for a little while. When the work is done it makes her feel like she’s the master of her life, that this pain will be over one day, and everything will became a bright picture where will be no place for explosions, grieve and anxiety.



The name «Olena» came to us from Greeks, where it meant «light». And this woman fits this meaning better than anyone else. She is a very kind and gracious person. She wishes to share little pieces of happiness with others, during these dark times. UNIKRAINE helps Olena to share her talent with people, bring them warmth of her work, in which she invested so much of herself: neat pieces of fabric with embroidery, made by Olena will decorate eco bags. In addition, this work helps to support her family financially, because her husband can not work due to his injury, and finding a permanent job in the frontline Kramatorsk is almost impossible. Especially if by working with UNIKRAINE Olena receives both money and satisfaction!