Beyond One for One

  • 1000k+ refugees from the East of Ukraine
  • 500k+ unemployed in Ukraine
  • 300k+ families suffered due to the events on the East of Ukraine
  • 10% out of each purchase is donated to help these people



Natalia was born in the country, known back then as the Soviet Union. She spent her early childhood in Germany, where her military parents had to move. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union, they were forced to return home to Starobilsk that in the Luhansk region. It was back then that little Natalia decided she wanted to become a fashion designer.

She showed her persistence and willpower when after school she made a big step towards her dream and got accepted to college majoring in two subjects - outerwear clothing technologist and engineer technologist-constructor of sewing ware. While studying in Lutsk she met her soulmate, who became her husband later on. He was from Odessa, and young family moved there in a little while. And in 2010 a beautiful girl named Diana was born. Unfortunately, their family split up in a short while, and Natalia returned to her hometown Starobilsk with her little daughter. 

When everything fell into place, Natalia alongside with her mother opened a clothing store, which became very popular among their locals. She found inspiration in this new kind of love. It seemed like almost everything she ever wanted. But the fairytale was ruined with the beginning of war. At the same time Natalia learns that she’s carrying a second child. That was when her soulmate without hesitation took her to his family in Odessa. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very happy reunion. So, pregnant Natalia with little daughter had to live in a small apartment with friends.

Ukrainian people are no strangers to a saying: misery loves company. Diana got a bilateral pneumonia. She spent two weeks in a hospital. Then Natalia had to stay at the hospital due to a threat of miscarriage. The money saved for hospital expenses and food were stolen in a public transportation. Not long afterwards her phone was stolen too…

But the darkest hour is just before the dawn. And Natalia story confirms this saying like no other. During her last month of pregnancy she became a participant of the special program for immigrants. She went through some trainings, wrote a business-plan and received a grant for starting her own business. Then in march she gave birth to a second daughter, and named her Melina. And in June she became a participant of yet another program of the «Revival» Foundation - «New Countdown»

Natalia new business is not just pretty clothes. Her husband made her fall in love with sports, and now Natalia wants to create stylish and comfortable clothes for everyday life and sports. Clothes for a peaceful life, life without explosions and bullets flying over your head.

Natalia is a very focused and strong-willed woman. Neither war, nor human deceit, nor life circumstances could break her. She dreams of her own business and make plans for a happy future.

Now Natalia is working on the implementation of her plan, and keeps on practicing crafts. And while her plans are under construction she’s cooperating with UNIKRAINE. Her embroidery decorates eco bags and shirts, that you may find on our website. This project became yet another way for her to reinvent herself as a strong Ukrainian woman. A woman who went through heartbreak, war, separation from her homeland and betrayal. But she was reborn like the mythical phoenix, found love, a happy family and the opportunity to express herself. Natalia went through a lot of hard times, but in the end it only convinced her that dreams are worth believing!