Beyond One for One

  • 1000k+ refugees from the East of Ukraine
  • 500k+ unemployed in Ukraine
  • 300k+ families suffered due to the events on the East of Ukraine
  • 10% out of each purchase is donated to help these people
UNIKRAINE and Caritas Ukraine: the essence of a conscious choice

Compassion is the Highest Form of Human Existence.

F.M. Dostoyevsky

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Natalia was born in the country, known back then as the Soviet Union. She spent her early childhood in Germany, where her military parents had to move. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union, they were forced to return home to Starobilsk that in the Luhansk region. It was back then that little Natalia decided she wanted to become a fashion designer.

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Warm of these hands create UNIKRAINE brand

This talented woman was born in Kramatorsk. Back when it was just another industrial town somewhere in Donetsk region. Her parents were common people, and her childhood was no better nor worse than any other child had.

When Olena turned 14, her grandma tried to teach her embroidery. But back then she shown no interest to the craft. Clearly, such a patient job is not the way to entertain a teenager. Having fun with friends and occasional homework seemed more appropriate.


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A choice to be unique

UNIKRAINE is a project that teaches us to believe in our dreams - those dreams really can change someone's life.

We created an idea, to introduce fashion as an art. For real art does not only reflect our lives, but is an undeniable part of life, and it shapes and changes it daily. Therefore, Unikraine is merely a tool, a tool that possesses a capacity to influence the world at this very moment.

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